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You’re a conscious minded entrepreneur who knows deep in your heart that the work you’re doing is important for the world. And while the work comes easy to you, you notice you’re not nearly as productive as you’d like to be because of the thoughts and doubts clouding your head.


You wake up with the feeling that something isn’t quite right. You feel like you’re stuck in a mental loop, with the same pattern happening again and again, and although you feel like you can change it for a short while, you notice it always comes back again.

Hey, I’ve been there too, and I’ve come out on the other side.


I help conscious entrepreneurs develop their intuition while getting rid of doubts about making the wrong decisions. They want to trust their inner voice, earn more money from their business, or find the right partner. I uncover and release the causes of their stress and insecurities, so they can feel confident about the choices they are making, and trust their intuition.


My journey...

I'd been teaching yoga for years, wishing that there was one healing method that would be able to heal anybody and anything. I had worked with thousands of yoga students who all had different physical pains and emotional issues, and I wished there was a way to help them all. Class after class, students would approach me at the counter beforehand to tell me that they couldn’t do certain postures because of certain injuries or physical pains. Sometimes they would ask for advice on how to heal it, but generally I would see their bewildered expressions, filled with a mixture of frustration and anger at their body for not working the way they wanted it to work.





I myself had been suffering from pain in my hip that made it hurt to walk and painful to stand and teach class. I was starting to get desperate, since as a yoga teacher, it felt like such a blow to my ego that I was unable to figure out what was causing my physical pain. I would demonstrate postures during class, and hide my grimace of pain, behind a confident smile.

Then I got the miracle I was searching for!

That’s when I was guided to see a Theta Healer. Someone who was able to scan inside the body with her psychic abilities and pinpoint what the underlying beliefs were that were causing the pain. In one session I was blown away.  I have never had an experience of someone being able to feel and sense so clearly what I myself was unable to pinpoint and to express.


I did a lot of crying and laughing during that first session, and noticed changes immediately the next day.  I had always been a very obedient person, and was prone to do what other people expected of me, even if it wasn’t beneficial to me. But after changing a belief that day about no longer needing to be obedient, I started making decisions for myself. And funny enough, it showed up with how I practiced yoga. I started going less frequently to yoga class, and started asking myself if I really wanted to go, instead of forcing myself to go daily, as if on auto-pilot. I also started being much gentler on myself during class. I stopped pushing myself so hard to do postures that made my body hurt, and started doing the postures in a way that felt better.



Something else that I realized in that first session was how much resentment I was holding towards my young son. It was quite shocking for me to admit, since I considered myself a natural mother and prized myself on making all the right sacrifices for my child. Like breastfeeding him for four years, carrying him in a wrap on my back until he was three and planning to home-school him. I really considered myself an “ideal” mother. In the session, I realized that I had beliefs that I had to sacrifice myself for my child, and once they were changed, I realized I could do things for myself, and make decisions that were focused on my desires, instead of only my kid’s.

I can see differently now.

Receiving Theta Healing sessions, and then taking Theta Healing courses was life changing. I started unlocking my intuitive psychic senses, my ability to see and know and feel and started to get waves of information while teaching yoga classes. I would know, for example, why someone moved the way they did, based on their parents’ beliefs, or why someone had a certain shoulder pain, due to a religious vow made when they were a baby.






I delved into everything I could get my hands on about spirituality, past life healing, the Laws of the Universe, different dimensions and teachings from spiritual mentors. I did a lot of healing on my background of being raised in a Catholic home. I always thought that spirituality was the same as religion, and I was quite surprised to learn how much man-made influence was involved in religion, which wasn’t the case with spirituality.


A whole new way of approaching the world was on the horizon.


After the total transformation I’d been through, word quickly spread among my yoga students that I was the go-to person to talk to regarding physical pain, and also healing addictions and emotional issues. I could see, sense and feel the beliefs that were causing their discomfort. They would ask me what was causing their on-going pain, and would ask me to scan them during class. And while watching their body move in a certain posture, I would intuitively hear what was causing their problem. I started to understand that our body is always trying to communicate things to us. And by scanning their body intuitively, I started to receive the messages that their body was trying to send to them.


One student came in and said nothing beforehand, but I kept hearing intuitively that his nervous system was in despair during the first breathing exercise, so I asked him a few questions and with his permission, witnessed a healing during the class.


Two weeks later he came in for class and said, “I don’t know what you did to me, but I stopped smoking cigarettes after that class and I’ve been addicted for more than 30 years.”

Another student was having major pain in her groin after she took class, and asked me if I could give her some advice on what to do. Before class had begun, I intuitively scanned her, and learned that she felt angry and felt like she was being forced to do things. It was a feeling that she recognised from her childhood, which she felt towards her mom. And every time she came to yoga class, she felt like she had to do what the teacher said, and would leave class in pain, unable to hear her bodies message that she didn’t have to do things, just because an authority said it. She was amazed to learn that the culprit wasn’t necessarily the yoga posture, but her approach to the yoga, and it was her bodies way of healing an old pattern which wasn’t serving her anymore.

It was getting more and more apparent that I had gifts of healing that could make a real difference in peoples’ lives. I started giving one on one sessions and soon was able to quit my yoga teaching job, in order to focus solely on my healing practice.


Today, I get to help passionate entrepreneurs develop their intuition so that they can make decisions about their life and their business which make the most impact. I help them create an entrepreneurial life where they feel confident in making decisions, and are making more money doing what they’re meant to be doing in life. I’m thankful for the tangible difference I get to make in my clients’ lives.


I would love to hear from you! To learn more about how I can help you develop your intuition and loose your self-doubt, check out my Work With Me Page or send me an email at: