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Ready for Magic?

  • I cherish a person who is ready to see themselves through new eyes.

  • A person who is ready to commit to their own (massive) growth.

  • I adore a person who is ready to let go of a story, thought pattern, habit which is no longer serving them.

  • A person who is courageous enough to open up to their own beauty.

  • I'm awed by someone who is at the brink of stepping into their grace, their power, their magnificence, and is ready for the gentle nudge to take the steps forward to embrace who they really are.

  • I love being in the presence of a person who is ready to encounter their own gifts and what makes them so uniquely special.

Is this you?

Are you ready to uncover the amazingness that is within you? Let's get started!


Introductory Package Instructions for booking


When you book your first appointment with me, we'll have an in-depth 90 minute transformational healing session, including a one hour follow up session soon after, for you to be able to get the most out of your healing experience. 

To book a session, here's what you do next:

1. Pay your personal investment of €279 here through Paypal


(or if you prefer bank transfer, I'll send you an invoice for the full amount to be paid immediately). 

2. Choose a date and time HERE for your first session, and fill in the Clarity Form.

3. I'll send an email with details about your session, including a video link if you prefer a video session.

4. We'll have your healing session and start the recalibration of you!

Have questions? Email me.

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"There are really no words to describe what you do, I feel like you can see into people's souls, I've never experienced anything like it. Your abilities are just off the charts, you are SUCH a gift to the world. Thank you so much for doing what you do, I feel so incredibly blessed to have found you and to be working with you. I feel like you can actually see me, and you actually understand, and that is so so incredibly healing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  Julie-Anne. G, coach and illustrator
"I’m so so grateful for our work last week, I feel like that was a turning point. I’ve enrolled at least 7 people and earned a total revenue of $20K! My mantra for a while has been $15K weeks. I just had a $15K week!!!!!!!!" Andrea G. Naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist
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