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How I Work.


The moment a video session begins, or you walk through the door for a session, my heart opens completely and I start listening from the perspective of love.

During a session, I'll guide you into a Theta brainwave state and scan your body intuitively. When I scan inside a body, I am looking through eyes of love at your energy, and your body is keen to show me any beliefs or traumas or “mis-understandings” which don’t match the frequency of love.

Your body shows me where you got off track, and it tells me what your soul wants to learn by going through this lesson. It might tell me how old you were at the moment of trauma. Your body tells me if this is an ancestral pattern, or if it’s just unique to you. Your body is eager to open up to a loving perspective, because it KNOWS that the limiting belief is not the Truth.

More often than not, when a painful belief gets uncovered, a bundle of emotion is released with it. And how freeing is it to walk away from an experience like this without the burden of that old pain weighing on your heart?


These days we hear a lot about self-love. My experience is that when you are able to experience unconditional love for the parts of you that you have blocked off, or disconnected from, there is no longer a vagueness about the term “self-love”. It becomes a natural way of being.

So, if you're wishing you could love yourself more, or feel like it’s time to let yourself be loved more, maybe it's time to book yourself for a session. It may just be the thing that your body has been begging for.

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