What if you came here to have fun? What if THAT is the purpose of your life?

Are you living the life you love living?

Sometimes along the way, we might have picked up some excess emotional baggage which we're ready to let go of.



Expansion is for you if you're ready to get unstuck. Each month two life-changing opportunities to get high touch attention from me, as well as from an inspiring group of fellow healers, artists, leaders and innovators. This container is for you if you're a high achiever who is ready to shift whatever is slowing down the creation of your desires. It's for you if you're ready to shift your energy and get more aligned with your dreams.

Sign up each month for live access to:

1 potent 90 minute online group Energy Clearing/Healing session 

(every 1st Thursday of the month)


1 mind-blowing 90 minute online group Breathwork session

(every 3rd Thursday of the month)

    *start time:  11:00 am California time / 2:00 pm New York time / 8:00 pm  Amsterdam time 

only €79 which includes both sessions.


During our group energy healing/clearing you bring the topic you most want to have, receive, create or generate and we will unblock and shift whatever is having you stay stuck.

And for those of you who've been able to work with me 1:1, you're aware how much shifting we can accomplish when you're ready to receive it.

How much awareness and magic can you and your body be to receive the contribution that is available?

Breathwork is a highly effective way to move emotional blockages or "stuckness", and a boost for your nervous system.

It's a way to quiet your ego, so you can connect to the Infiniteness of you.

And once you're out of the mind's reaches, you can access the miraculous nature of you, your magnificent Beingness and your body's ability to heal.




Who knows?

It might just change your life!

Once you register, you will receive this month's zoom link and instructions for the Breathwork session.

Do you have any questions?

Get in touch!

Loving you so,