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How to calm your kids' nerves with a simple process called Access Bars

“How are you feeling about your presentation today?” I asked my son, Oliver.

“I’m still a bit nervous,” he said.

“Shall I run your Bars?” I asked. “We still have 5 minutes before we need to leave for school.”

“Yes!” He responded eagerly.

As he sat on the stairs I gently touched some spots on his head and asked him what he was nervous about.

“I’m afraid the others will laugh at me. Because a while ago I was chosen to talk in front of the class for the teacher, and I kind of stumbled with some of my words and some girls giggled and said I had done a bad job.”

I asked him, “how nervous do you think those girls are at looking dumb and doing a bad job?”

“A lot” he responded.

“When someone judges us,” I explained, “it’s often them projecting how they feel about themselves onto us.”

“How courageous is it of you to stand up in front of the class a

nd say what you have to say regardless of how smooth it comes out?”

“Really courageous,” he replied.

“So how much can you inspire the other kids of your class by just being you and being courageous enough to talk, no matter how it looks?”

“A lot” he responded.

“So how do you feel about your presentation today?” I asked.

“I’m actually pretty excited about it!” He replied.

He finished tying his shoes, and away we went to school.

The process I ran on him is called the Access Bars, and it’s a process that is done by lightly touching 32 points on the head, usually while lying down for about an hour.

It clears thousands of limitations and conclusions and places we got stuck with ideas about ourself. Like clearing the hard drive on a computer.

Have you ever wished that there was a process that would undo the fixed wiring in your mind, which keeps having situations show up the way they do?

The Bars can do that.

Imagine that you could undo the blocks that were stopping you from choosing for a relationship, or taking a new job, or speaking in front of others. Would you like to choose that?

I’m opening up three 1:1 spots for those who would like to get their Bars run (it’s a hands-on process, so you have to come in person to me).

And I will be teaching this process for those who would like to learn to run it on their clients, or their friends or family members. This class will be this summer.

If you’re interested in either, message me for details

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