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The Intuition Boost

You have too many choices, too many possible life paths, too many voices inside your head.


At some point, you don’t know which one to listen to anymore and start doubting everything.


You wish you could hear your intuition clearly, so you wouldn’t second guess all of the decisions you have to make.


You’ve been looking for a spiritual mentor, or someone who can help you develop your intuition, because it feels like right now you're spinning in circles mentally.


You are determined to be successful while making a difference in the world.


And while actually doing your work comes easy to you, it’s the big decisions you want help with; like where to focus your energy in your business, who to be with, where to live, and you wish someone could help you figure it all out.


You feel like you are running in circles with your thoughts, and you can’t figure out a new way to solve your problems. When it comes to relationships, you are doubting if this is really the right person for you. But you don’t want to say anything to your partner, because from the outside, they seem ideal, so the problem must be with you. You just can’t figure out what your problem is.


And regardless of how much money you make, you constantly feel like there’s not enough. You’ve heard about Theta Healing and are wondering if it’s something that would help you move past all of this doubt.


What if listening to your inner voice didn’t have to be so hard?






Imagine you hop out of bed to start your morning meditation, and you feel excited to connect to your intuition. You notice how much clearer your thoughts are, you feel happier doing your work, and you are clear on what to spend your time on each day. You listen to your intuition for important decisions, and feel confident you’ve made the right choices.


You get opportunities coming at you that you never would’ve predicted, and they seem to appear out of nowhere. Your work is thriving, and you’re certain it’s because you are making more intuitive decisions. You feel confident that you’re able to make the change in the world you’re here to make. You get information and new business ideas coming into your head, and you just “know” that what you’re doing is right.


You know how to connect to your partner and feel relieved to know that you’re not just living side by side with them, but actually enjoying being with them again. You feel connected to them on a deep level, and it’s easy to talk about how you feel.


Do any of these sound like you:

  • You’re overwhelmed with all of the paths you could follow, and don’t know which one is best for you

  • You don’t know if the person you’re with is really the right one for you

  • You’re trying to listen to your inner voice, but because you have so many voices talking in your head, you’re doubting them all.

  • No matter how much money you make, there’s never enough at the end of the month.

I help conscious individuals develop their intuition while getting rid of doubts about making the wrong decisions. They want to trust their inner voice, earn more money from their business, or find the right partner. I uncover and release the causes of their stress and insecurities, so they can feel confident about the choices they are making, and trust their intuition.

You'll learn exactly what you need to have confidence in making decisions. You'll also learn how your subconscious beliefs are holding you back and how to move past them quickly and easily . When we're done, you'll be ready to follow your intuition and feel excited to live your life purpose.


As a result of this program, you’ll:


  • Confidently make important decisions for yourself and your business

  • Hear your inner voice more clearly

  • Take action easily instead of over-thinking what choices to make

  • Make more money in your business with less effort on your part


This package includes:


1. Getting Clarity Questionnaire

With a firm foundation we’ll be able to hit the ground running. Your answers to this questionnaire will help us get clear on what you want help with and where you want to start, so we can make the most of our time together. Already by filling in the form, things will start shifting because of you being a “yes” to helping yourself move forward, and that “yes” will take you a long way!

2. What’s Got You Doubting? Private Theta Healing session

In this 90-minute video session, we’ll work through a major energetic block which has been causing you the biggest challenge and making you doubt yourself most. You’ll leave the session feeling calm and amazed at what is possible now that you’ve cleared this block. Because we change the way you have been feeling and thinking, consequently you’ll act differently which will produce new results.


3. The Deeper Shift, Follow-Up Session

Two weeks later we’ll check in to see how you’re doing, so you can share what changes you’ve experienced since your session, and how it’s impacting you positively. We’ll also do some energy clearing on a doubt that has popped up since our first session. You’ll leave this 30 minute session able to experience your new positive changes on an even deeper level.










You can finally start to trust your inner voice and feel confident with making big decisions, and I can help you get the trust and inner knowing to do so. Ready to listen to your intuition?

Price: Investment €222


Are you interested in working with me? Excellent! Here’s how to get started.


Step 1. Make your payment here: 

Step 2. The payment link above will take you to Paypal to make your payment.


Step 3. Choose your appointment date and time here where you can also fill in the "Getting Started" Questionnaire. 


Step 4. Then we’ll hold your session and get you started on listening to your inner voice.


Have questions? Email me.


Robin is a ThetaHealer who has made a huge difference to my life. She has a clear connection to source and such an incredibly gentle and loving way of holding space for you and making you feel safe in every session, that she allows you to go to some really deep dark and painful places and to heal and release them with love and compassion.


The sessions that I’ve had with Robin have cleared a lot of the pain and heart ache that I hold in my mind, in my body, in my memories, and I no longer have a charge around a lot of the things that were causing me pain.


Robin also has a insightful way of working with imbalances, disease, and disorder in the body and can point you towards the remedies that help restore balance in your body. I trust Robin completely, and she has been a source of inspiration and guidance for me when I needed it most. I have no hesitation in recommending her, and encourage you to book a session or a series of sessions with her!

Shanti F. Lawyer, Spiritual teacher

Robin is one of the most powerful and intuitive healers I know, and I know many! She has the ability to sense and know on a fundamental level beliefs that are deeply held, hidden and galactic!
For a starseed like me she has been one of a handful of healers that is comfortable with energies and programs that are not even from this dimension. She guides you with love and a tenacity that is rare. I could not be more grateful or recommend her highly enough. 
Simran S. Energy healer
I felt as if I was being held back from trauma and wouldn't continue on unless I received help. I was hormonally imbalanced, moody, and delusional. Money was not coming in at all. I was spending my savings away and my personal relationships were degrading due to my poor behavior. The biggest impact from working with Robin was the rebalancing of my hormones, guiding me through past trauma, and end my path towards self-destruction.
Robin saved me thousands of dollars that I would have used on traditional therapy and self-development courses. I spent $6000+ on self-development courses already and the work I did with Robin helped me more than those other courses.
Jake B. 

Robin showed up in my life at a very critical time. I had done a lot of my inner spiritual work and was moving forward to offer my gifts to the world. I knew I could have, be or do anything I want. I was ready to boldly move forward. Little did I know how much I was limiting myself.


Robin is so gifted and has such a clear connection with the Creator. She came in and removed blocks I did not even know were there. She allowed me to clear blocks due to intense hidden pain of my past - how to accept it rather then have to put up with it (brilliant), clear fear of not knowing how to really be me authentically, clear my own barriers to gifts I knew I had - yet they were so powerful that I thought I would not be able to offer them without falling into the trap of manipulating people.


She made me know my power with humility, she made me know how to 'serve others' without suffering, she helped me to see I can have fun and joy as I navigate my beautiful and magical life without feeling guilty, she helped me see money and control as two different energies. This I was able to achieve with her in only one session and one follow up session!! I decided to continue with her as a tune-up to expand more and more into the infinite being I am. Robin is truly a treasure to this world and anyone who knows that “it's all energy” and wants to live an expanded life, should be doing at least the first-time session with her. 

Saira M.  Yoga founder